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Minutes from General Assembly Meeting (11/11/08)

Rotaract Club of Middle Tennessee State University
General Meeting
November 11, 2008
6 o’clock pm – UHC, Room 117

Anna Yacovone   
Kaitlyn Jones
Gina Spinale
Natalia Kowolsky
Jonathan Wiley
Nichole Stude
Jonathon Feaster
Patrick McGinnis
Jordan Mynatt
Rebecca McGrath
Joshua Fryer
Samantha Mallory
Roberto Velazco

Facilitator: Joshua Fryer, President

    The meeting started a few minutes after 6 pm, with 12 members present and 1 new member, Roberto Velazco. Joshua began the meeting by asking the Secretary to briefly recount the Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting which was held Monday, November 3, 2008. Immediately following, Joshua gave everyone a brief tutorial of the Rotaract blog at

    After doing so, Joshua filled everyone in on the issues of dues, asking if anyone would motion to require an annual due of $5, which would amend Article IV of the Rotaract Club By-Laws. Kaitlyn Jones motioned for this amendment, Jonathan Wiley seconded it, and everyone voted their unanimous agreement. Joshua also requested to remove the Finance Committee due to the club’s small number of members and lack of finances. This was motioned and seconded by many people and immediately followed by a unanimous agreement among the rest of the members. Joshua then expressed the Directors wish to add a Public Relations officer to the Board, which would amend Article I of the By-Laws. This was motioned, seconded, and approved along with the motion, second, and approvement to suspend the requirement for a secret ballot. Joshua then nominated Shayna Taylor, which was approved through a unanimous vote by the rest of the club.

    After the amendments, Joshua moved on to the issue of Committee Chairs, naming each one: Club Service, Nichole Stude; Community Service, Shannon Anderson; International Service, Natalia Kowolsky; and Professional Development, Jonathon Feaster. Joshua briefly explained the purpose of each committee at the request of Patrick McGinnis. He also expressed that each committee should opt to meet at least once every two weeks, and he would send out an email to the Chairs of each committee with further information.

    Having done that, Joshua then went around the room and asked each member to name the committee(s) he or she would be most interested in joining. The committee members, as of last night, are as follows:

Club Service:
•    Nichole Stude – Chair
•    Gina Spinale
•    Jordan Mynatt
•    Rebecca McGrath
•    Samantha Mallory
•    Kaitlyn Jones
•    Joshua Fryer

Community Service
•    Shannon Anderson – Chair
•    Gina Spinale
•    Jordan Mynatt
•    Patrick McGinnis
•    Rebecca McGrath
•    Kaitlyn Jones
•    Joshua Fryer

International Service
•    Natalia Kowolsky – Chair
•    Anna Yacovone
•    Patrick McGinnis
•    Roberto Velazco
•    Kaitlyn Jones
•    Joshua Fryer

Professional Development
•    Jonathon Feaster – Chair
•    Jonathan Wiley
•    Roberto Velazco
•    Kaitlyn Jones
•    Joshua Fryer

After the appointment of committee members, Joshua opened the floor to early project ideas. Nichole immediately raised her hand and suggested that the Club Service Committee set up a table in front of the Keathley University Center (KUC) to pass out information about the Rotaract Club in order to draw in new members. Everyone quickly agreed that this was an excellent idea. Joshua said that it would be further discussed in the following Board Meeting.
The meeting concluded at approximately 6:27 pm.

Upcoming Events:
•    Board Meeting – Tues., Nov. 18, 6 pm UHC 117
•    General Meeting – Tues., Nov. 25, 6 pm UHC 117


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