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Club Service Committee Minutes (11/20/2008)

Club Service Committee Meeting- Nov. 20, 2008

Chair – Nichole Stude

Only Nichole, Gina, and Nichole’s roommate Lindsey who is thinking about joining Rotaract were present for this meeting. The following were discussed:



-I found out who needs to be contacted in order to get a table in the KUC. His name is Stan McCloud and he is at the info desk on the 2nd floor of the KUC.

-I thought tabling on a Tuesday or Wednesday would be best for the most traffic. We should probably table inside since it’s so cold outside.

-Originally I thought tabling from 10:00am-2:00pm would be best, but for the spring semester, both Gina and I get out of class at one. We’ll have to get everyone’s spring semester schedule to see when people are available to table.

-We thought it would be best to table in January instead of before the winter break because we don’t want people to forget about the club over the break, plus things get pretty hectic after Thanksgiving.

-Someone had suggested giving out hot chocolate while tabling. We thought this would be a good idea because we would have to have more people at the table in order to do so, and the more people that are involved with this, the better.


Christmas Party:

-I thought it was too short of notice to plan a Christmas party, but maybe the committee could get together and make goody bags for members. Gina suggested going to the dollar store and looking for party favors. Then we started discussing other things that could be given out at upcoming holidays, like those Necco hearts for Valentine’s Day.


Movie Night:

-The idea of a movie night has come up a couple times. Instead of trying to cram everyone into someone’s living room, I thought maybe we could use the movie theater that is at my apartment complex. At the Pointe in the clubhouse, there’s a small movie theater that can be used for residents, so if anyone would be in favor of a movie night, I can see if I can reserve it. I also thought maybe we could combine a Christmas party and a movie night by showing a Christmas movie sometime soon.


Monthly Get-Together:

-I thought it would be fun to have everyone get together once a month and spend time together in a way that didn’t necessarily involve Rotaract. Things maybe like a Valentine’s Day Party, a St. Patrick’s Day party, etc. And it doesn’t even have to be a party. It could be we all go out to eat together.


Fund-raising Ideas:

-Used clothing sale, like the denim sale that was in front of the KUC earlier in the year. If there’s no copyright infringement because that’s what Plato’s Closet does, everyone could bring in a clothing item they don’t wear anymore and we could have a used clothing sale.

-Penny War between the colleges. We could set up containers in front of the cafeteria and have a penny war between the college of business, the college of basic and applied sciences, and all the others. I’m not sure what the prize would/could be though.

-March Madness Pool. When March Madness comes around, we could distribute brackets where people fill in their predictions for winners. We could have a two dollar entry fee and the winner gets a $15 gift certificate to somewhere. I’m not sure how to calculate winners with those things though, so we’d have to find someone who does.

-Baked sale. If not while we’re tabling, we could have a separate bake sale.

-Raffle. Like the geology department did with the garnet necklace, we could allow people to buy as many raffle tickets they want for $0.50 or $1 and the prize could be a gift card or coupon.

-Car Wash. When it gets warmer, we could have a car wash. Usually places like Sam’s or Kroger will let you have a car wash in their parking lot, but if we wanted to do it on campus, we’d have to find a building with a hose connection to it. We thought maybe the Rec Center does, but we weren’t sure.

-Donations. It doesn’t hurt to ask. We could also ask whoever runs the concession stands at home games if we work a certain amount of hours at the concessions if we could get a certain percent of the sales.

-Carnations on Valentine’s Day. When I went to ETSU last year, the cafeteria gave carnations out to all the girls who came in. I’m not sure if MTSU does a similar thing, but if they don’t, we could sell carnations on Valentine’s Day, maybe to all the guys who forgot to get something for their girlfriends.

-Y.C.J.C.Y.A.D.- We write these letters on a big sheet of paper and hang them up. For a dollar, people can learn what it stands for. (It stands for “Your Curiosity Just Cost You A Dollar,” btw) The big issue with this though is what if one person buys it and tells everyone what it stands for. I thought maybe we could get their name and post office box and send them out, but then if the person doesn’t have a box on campus, we’d have to pay postage costs.



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