Posted by: mtsurotaract | February 17, 2009

Hot Chocolate Fund-raiser to be held Thursday, Feb. 26

Pending approval from the KUC, we will have our Hot Chocolate Fund-raiser next Thursday, Feb. 26 instead of this Thursday. I am also going to be submitting a request tomorrow to Aramark to possibly donate the hot chocolate and possibly coffee, so I will not have to use any of the funds I have collected thus far from dues.

If you offered to look over the table for this Thursday, I will assume you are able to watch it next Thursday instead, at the same time specified, unless you email me otherwise. I apologize to those that may have adjusted their schedules.

I will be in touch this week when I hear back from the KUC and Aramark regarding the sale.

We will also hold our next Rotaract meeting on Feb. 26. as well (in conjunction with Movie Night). Time and Location: TBA.

REMINDER: Tomorrow is the Read-to-Succeed book sorting project. For all those that can help, meet at the Linebaugh Library at 4pm.


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