Posted by: mtsurotaract | April 1, 2009

Minutes from General Assembly Meeting (03/24/09)

Rotaract Club of Middle Tennessee University

General Meeting

March 24, 2009

5 o’ clock pm – Walnut Grove

I wanted to bring everyone up to date regarding our meeting last week. While there were only a handful of people that showed up, we were able to discuss a variety of upcoming events.

We discussed having a food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank, a bake sale fund raiser, and an end of the semester picnic.

Second Harvest Food Bank:
We will meet at the Rec. Center parking lot at 10:30 am on Saturday, April 11. We will then caravan to an agreed upon neighborhood and begin knocking on doors around 11 am, asking for canned/dry food donations. We will do this until around 2pm, and I will take all the food back to Nashville to be dropped off at Second Harvest. PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP IF YOU CAN TAKE PART.

Bake Sale:
We will have a bake sale on Thursday, April 16 from 10 am until 2 pm in front of KUC. I will be sending out a reminder email a few days before to remind everyone that can to bake cookies, brownies, and such to be donated to Rotaract for the fund raiser. PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP TO SIGN UP TO WORK THE TABLE.

Mike Boyle has requested that Rotaract help promote the campus and its students to the English Learning Students studying english at MTSU. These students will be enrolling in U.S. universities, and the administration would like for them to feel comfortable enough at MTSU to enroll here. As part of our end of the year picnic, we will be hosting the English Learning Students, International Students, Murfreesboro Breakfast Rotary and the Society for International Affairs. This picnic is not open to all students on campus. However, you are welcome to invite other people. Let us know if you are able to attend ASAP, and how many people you plan to bring, because we will be passing out tickets to make sure we have enough food for everyone.

This picnic will be on Friday, April 24th. It will be catered by Bar-B-Cutie (Kaitlyn’s family friends own a couple and can get us a good price), and we will be playing volleyball and other games. The Political Science Department, Liberal Arts College, Honors College, and ELS school have suggested they all may be able to help with funding. More information will follow.

I hope everyone is having a great semester, and I hope to hear from everyone that is interested in these events.


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