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Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting (11/03/08)

Rotaract Club of Middle Tennessee State University
Board of Directors Meeting

November 3, 2008
3 o’clock pm – Peck Hall, Room 208

Joshua Fryer – President
Kaitlyn Jones – Vice-President
Samantha Mallory – Secretary
Jonathan Wiley – Treasurer

The meeting started at approximately 3 pm with all officers present. Joshua Fryer, President of the Rotaract Club of Middle Tennessee State University, chaired the meeting. He began by welcoming everyone and promptly handing out the manuals for each position, except the Vice-President position which does not have a specified manual.

We began our discussion with the issue of elections and re-elections which are supposed to be held on March 1st of each year. We decided that since the current officers were not elected until the end of October, they would serve for a year and a half to allow them the opportunity to effectively facilitate projects. In case one of the current officers was to graduate, a special election would be held to fill the open position.

Next we moved to the issue of dues which are specified in the Rotaract Club Constitution to cover administration costs. Joshua mentioned that Dr. Petersen wanted members to pay $1 for the annual fee. We came to the conclusion that the suggested amount was not enough to ensure members’ commitment to the club. We all decided on a membership due of $5 which will be brought before the general membership for a democratic vote.

We discussed the club bulletin, and Joshua and Jonathan both decided that a blog would be the best way to go about informing current and potential members of club activities. Kaitlyn also mentioned the possibility of creating a webpage through the university’s website because people were less likely to come to informational meetings. We all decided that this was an excellent idea and point. The topic will be further discussed in future meetings. Joshua took on the responsibility of creating a blog through a website with which he is familiar. He said that he would email the information to the three other officers. It would be one of the responsibilities of the Club Service Committee to maintain it.

Because we are all very busy people, we concluded that Board Meetings should be held on Tuesdays at 6 pm because this was the best time for us. Furthermore, we decided that since our presence is required at the General Meetings, they should also be held on Tuesdays at 6 pm. Jonathan insightfully commented that Tuesdays are good because everyone would not yet be burnt out from the week’s work. The two meetings would alternate from week to week, i.e. a Board Meeting on one Tuesday, a General Meeting the next, and so on.

Finally we tackled the issue of committees:  which ones should be created, who should be appointed Chair of what, and so forth. We could not decide on whom to appoint as Chair of the Club Service Committee, the committee for the maintenance of the club’s records and activities. I suggested the current secretary of HSA, but Joshua chose to set the issue aside for the time being since we already have a secretary. I suggested that Natalia be made Chair of the International Service Committee since she is in-touch with other countries. The remaining three officers decided that this was a good idea. For the Professional Development Committee, Jonathan suggested Jonathon Feaster who has mentioned his experience with the professional world. I also suggested that Jonathon may be good for fundraising because of his past experiences. Jonathan W. suggested that we dissolve the Finance Committee because he was sure he could take on those responsibilities due to the small club size. We collectively decided that a new officer position be created, Public Relations Director, and Shayna Taylor be appointed to this position due to her involvement within the MTSU community. Joshua said that he would contact the above mentioned members to find out if they would be interested in the suggested positions.

The meeting concluded at approximately 4 pm.

Upcoming events:
General Meeting – Tues., Nov. 11, 6pm UHC*
Board Meeting – Tues., Nov. 18, 6 pm UHC*
General Meeting – Tues., Nov. 25, 6 pm UHC*
*actual meeting place to be announced in the near future – will most likely be in the Honors Building

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Hello Current and Prospective Rotaractors!

Welcome to the blog for the Rotaract of Middle Tennessee State University. This is where club officers will post meeting times, minutes from previous meetings, service project information, events and other general announcements. This will be a great way for current members to find out what they may have missed at a previous meeting, and also let prospective members get to know what our organization is doing before deciding to join.

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